About Me!

So this is the obligatory about me page, in case you wanted to know anything about me!

Anyway my name is Sophie and I’m a Film Studies graduate from the University of Kent. I started this blog due to the Film Criticism course I took in my final year, I always lacked confidence in my writing skills, however my lecturer assured me that I had a knack for film reviewing. So 3 years after graduating, I’ve decided to restart this thing and get back to those reviews and discussions about all things film!

If anyone’s interested in the kind of areas I’m interested in or the modules that I did at university, here’s a list:

1st Year:

Film Form: A basic intro into Film terminology and how to analyse films.

Hollywood Studio System: Exploring the ‘Golden Age’ of Hollywood from the introduction of sound until the 1960s ‘Hollywood Renaissance’.

History of Italian Cinema:The Legacy of Neo-Realism: Focus on the history and lineage of the Italian style of Neo-Realism from its origins post-WW2 until the modern day (e.g. Sopranos).

Exploring the Frame: Practical Film-Making module.

2nd Year: 

Film Genre (Horror): Pretty self-explanatory, but exploring different methods of examining the genre through themes such as psychoanalysis and gender.

Topics in American Cinema II: Focusing on different topics within American cinema from the 1960s until the Iraq War: including Queer Cinema, Black Cinema, Post-Modernity.

Sound and Cinema: Focusing on the techniques and importance of sound in what is predominantly considered a visual medium.

The Gothic in Film: Exploring the Gothic Genre as essentially a Women in Peril genre and focusing on the different ways in which this is examined and ways in which it can be analysed, e.g. psychoanalysis.

3rd Year:

History of British Cinema: Focus on a range of different periods within British Cinema from Alfred Hitchcock’s early silent films, to 1950s documentaries, cult classics such as The Wicker Man and many other areas.

Film Criticism: This module (pretty much the basis of my blog) has been to write a 250 word capsule review a week on the film screened, at the end we would have a portfolio of reviews. Also we got to write an extended article on any particular issue that was current within Film at the moment, be that a director, genre, national cinema etc. (I chose Tarantino: Time to Retire? Take a read!)

Avant-Garde and Experimental Cinema: Pretty self explanatory, we watched films from across a spectrum of avant-garde movements ranging from Dadaism in the 1920s to found footage and the current state of the modern avant-garde.

Film Authorship: Focusing on Quentin Tarantino and Martin Scorsese, we looked at their bodies of work and analysed their stylistic and thematic concerns present throughout the films we watched.



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