The Oscars 2019: Who Will Win vs. Who Should Win

The Oscars are upon us once again, and I must admit it is one of the more underwhelming years in recent history in terms of the film choices on offer. The ceremony itself though has not been short on controversy, from hosting issues, to cutting some of the technical awards from broadcast, to the introduction (and subsequent dropping) of the ‘popcorn award’. Not to mention the questionable nominations with some less-than-desirable behaviour (putting it lightly) behind the scenes from quite a number of cast and crew smearing some of the nominated choices.

So I present you with my 2019 choices for some of the big-hitting categories of who will be most likely to win and who I think should (or would like to) win.

Best Picture
Who Will Win: Roma – By far and away one of the favourites now to win, but that hasn’t stopped it from being controversial due to Netflix’s involvement.
Who Should Win: Vice – This is a fascinating story, with excellent performances and some of the smartest editing and filmmaking choices in recent history. Vivacious, intelligent and bold; exactly what we should be celebrating at the Oscars.

Best Director
Who Will Win: Alfonso Cuarón (Roma) – This is an extremely personal film for Cuarón, a semi-autobiographical examination of Mexican life. For a ‘Foreign’ film to be be included as the forerunner of Best Picture and Director, is no mean fete and for that, I would like to see Cuarón win. But I don’t think he necessarily deserves to win for a film that seems to be lacking in the entertainment front.
Who Should Win: Adam McKay (Vice) – Like I said earlier, Vice is one of the most interesting films I have seen in a while for how it tells the story. This, coupled with the stellar performances from many of the cast, should have learnt McKay a well-deserved award; but unfortunately it won’t.

Best Actor
Who Will Win: Rami Malek (Bohemian Rhapsody) – This year’s awards season darling, Rami Malek, did make a remarkable transformation and was very much the highlight of a mediocre biopic. The only issue I had with his performance was, it did at times feel more like an impression of Freddie Mercury, or how we remember him, rather than a truthful performance that made you believe he WAS Freddie Mercury.
Who Should Win: Rami Malek/Christian Bale (Vice) – Both of them did provide outstanding performances this year; however with both of them the problem I have is that I feel I’m watching Christian Bale or Rami Malek play that character, I don’t ever lose sight of them as the actor in the film. But that being said, both of them are far and away the best of the year.

Best Actress
Who Will Win: Glenn Close (The Wife) – Whilst I haven’t seen this film (not my cup of tea), Glenn Close has always been a phenomenal actress, overshadowed ever time by the Oscar glory of Meryl Streep. I think even if this is an ‘Apology Oscar’ it is rightly deserved and very overdue; which is, I’m sure, how many of the Academy Members who have felt when voting.
Who Should Win: Glenn Close (The Wife) – See above.

Best Supporting Actor
Who Will Win: Mahershala Ali (Green Book) – Another one of the Oscar nominated films I haven’t seen; but from what I have seen and what I know of the film, Mahershala Ali seems to be the best bit about it. He is a great actor and I feel like he could be somebody (like Sam Rockwell after his win last year) who will be automatically included by reputation alone.
Who Should Win: Richard E. Grant – Like Glenn Close, Richard E. Grant is one of those actors who is understand and poised in his performances, which means he is usually overlooked come Awards Season. I think he’s a fantastic actor, and would love him to win, just to see his pure delight and giddy reaction at being on stage at the Oscars (especially if his nomination reaction and path to the Oscars is anything to judge by).

Best Supporting ActressWho Will Win: Regina King (If Beale Street Could Talk) – Another Oscar darling, but again, somebody who does deserve to be among those ranks. I haven’t heard anything remarkable about this performance but I think due to the subject matter and love there is for her, that she could sneak the win on the night.
Who Should Win: Amy Adams (Vice) or Emma Stone (The Favourite) – I love both of these women, I think they are amongst the best actresses of our generation. Amy Adams wasn’t at her best in Vice, but I just think she deserves an Oscar so badly, that I’d give her one now. But in terms of performances Emma Stone was excellent

Best Original Screenplay
Who Will Win: The Favourite – I am one of the few people I know who did not enjoy this film. I think it is overrated and didn’t think it was particularly clever, or memorable. The only plus point in its favour in my eyes is having three female leads, who are all strong characters, who share their screen time evenly. But even then, all three of their characters arcs revolve around romantic relationships and sex, so is is truly that revolutionary when it’s the same plots of old, just with some substituted into the equation?
Who Should Win: Vice – Out of the choices on offer, again my vote goes to Vice. McKay apparently often includes a lot of the editing choices he makes in the script itself, which is one of the biggest elements that makes the storytelling so interesting. I think also, this film shows how to make a biopic engaging and a bold piece of filmmaking; in contrast to the mediocre Bohemian Rhapsody. However, the film I truly think should win this is Sorry To Bother You, which has been entirely snubbed in the Oscars, when for me, it was one of the best films of the year.

Best Adapted Screenplay
Who Will Win: BLACKkKLANSMAN – Spike Lee, how this man has not been nominated more just amazes me. This film I think represents his best chance of being recognised at the Oscars, but I still think that BLACKkKLANSMAN will be severely overlooked this Oscar season.
Who Should Win: BLACKkKLANSMAN (see above).

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