Room 237 (2012): “Everyone’s A Critic”

Room 237 (2012) is a bizarre documentary concerning conspiracy theories surrounding Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. Whilst Room 237 is also entertaining, unfortunately it is for all the wrong reasons. It is an eclectic mixture of clips from a variety of random films, as well as Kubrick’s other works and clips from The Shining are added in as an attempt for the interviewees to show what messages they have gleaned from the film. These include that The Shining is proof of Kubrick’s admission that he helped fake the moon landings. Not only are these theories outlandish but they are laughable, with the smallest detail being blown out of proportion to try and support their radical analysis of the film. With the creation of internet blogging, these interviewees seem to be part of a new generation of ‘critics’, taking to the internet to voice their opinions, which sometimes don’t need to be heard. In the documentary they all claim that to a degree the film has taken over their lives, skewing the idea of ‘cinephilia’ as a love of film, and taking it to an obsessive level. Room 237 and the internet age of blog criticism shows that the saying ‘everyone’s a critic’ has never been more true, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone should be.


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