Caché (2005) : Caché Should Have Stayed Hidden

Caché (2005), a French language film from German-Austrian director Michael Haneke focuses on a middle-class French family being spied upon, with static shots of their house (among other situations) being filmed on videotape and sent to their house by an anonymous source. Whilst this plot sounds thrilling and Haneke’s intentions seem to suggest an attempt at creating a thriller genre film, the lack of any actual suspense leaves the film falling very flat. This sense of frustration and boredom is however broken by a disturbing and unsurprising turn of events that made me audibly gasp and feel sickened, however this is all soon forgotten and the boredom soon sets in with the ambiguity that Haneke seems so intent in preserving. Whilst the film’s title Caché, meaning hidden, is an obvious nod towards the voyeuristic stalker (whose identity remains abigious), we are also implicated in this obsessive watching, evoking allusions to Alfred Hitchcock’s Read Window. Through this association it seems that Haneke was trying to recapture this fascination with voyeurism, but in a world today where everything we do is recorded and watched on phones, CCTV and social media, the film feels very outdated despite its release only a decade ago; so perhaps taking a hint from his own title, Caché should indeed remain hidden.


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