Bridesmaids (2011) : Bridesmaid-zilla!

Bridesmaids (2011) is undeniably a very funny film, a rarity within the rom-com genre, but does this mean that it is in fact any different to the multitude of rom-com films that have come before it? The film focuses on Annie (Kristen Wiig), a self-destructive woman riddled with self-loathing and relationship issues, and her rivalry with divine, ‘perfect’ hostess Helen (Rose Byrne) over who will be the maid of honour at Annie’s childhood best-friend Lillian’s wedding. Kristen Wiig’s approach as co-writer and star does bring a new perspective to the comedy half of the genre, with many crude set-pieces and an all-star cast of women who prove that they can be just as funny as men. However there are a number of issues holding Bridesmaids back from its true potential; and whilst one of the positives of the film is that it never forces gender politics onto the audience, as one of very few films to feature a female majority cast and co-writer means that there will be a certain sense of expectation placed upon the film by its viewers. The film’s narrative serves to support traditional gender roles, with many of the conversations focusing around the subject of men, or jealousy between women, a sense of bitchiness that although is realistic, is somewhat of a stereotype and the ending simply reinforces the notion that women have to be in a relationship or be married to in fact be happy. So although this film is extremely funny, using crude humour to portray women in an unusually disgusting light, inspiration no doubt from their male counterpart predecessor, The Hangover (2009), don’t get your hopes up that there is equality in Hollywood just yet. But hopefully this film is the trailblazer into this foray, creating sparks rather than a blaze, so put away your bras, there’ll be no burning just yet.


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