Somewhere (2010) : Lost Somewhere In Herself

Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere (2010) is perhaps her most wandering and apathetic work, feeling more like an autobiographical purge than the more stylistic, loosely auto-biographical films that have come before. One cannot discuss Sofia Coppola’s work without referencing her best known work, Lost in Translation (2003), which she seems to have tried to recapture in this film, unsuccessfully might I add. Whilst this former film also has a wandering narrative, mirroring the character’s lack of purpose at this time in their lives, Lost In Translation manages this more successfully due to the charisma of the film’s stars, Scarlett Johannson and Bill Murray. Even Coppola’s less successful film Marie Antoinette (2006) manages to create the same sense of isolation, but with far more stylistic flair, creating something exciting and engaging. This film undeniably reinforces her auteur status due to the autobiographical nature of the film and recurring themes, such as the sense of isolation within stardom. However, in comparison to her other films, her more personal themes feel forced, and without the likes of Bill Murray to provide some pizazz, it does fall flat. Having said all this, Coppola is an accomplished filmmaker and her films still offer a more complex representation of character psychology than any mainstream Hollywood film dares to try.


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