3 completely different but brilliant films!

So last week I had the pleasure to watch Despicable Me 2, Zodiac and This Is The End, evidence of my wildly differing film tastes and I enjoyed all 3 thoroughly! Below is just a quick overview of what I thought of the films above:

Despicable Me 2: Yeah, yeah, it’s a kids film…..whatever. This film was AMAZING! I may be slightly biased due  to my tendency to love childish humour but I thought as a film it was essentially very entertaining! The extra screen time of the Minions was certainly a bonus and I think the directors have realised and capitalised upon the success of these characters. As in the first film, Gru is very entertaining, but with the added dynamic in this film of a potential romantic interest it’s nice for once to see characters developing in a sequel. The girls all display the same cuteness from the first film (I must confess Agnes is my favourite and is possible the most adorable film character EVER!) and there’s a nice touch to show Margo dabbling in crushes and first loves, mirroring the audience of this film growing up and experiencing this themselves. So overall I think pretty much anyone could enjoy this film unless they don’t like fun, and I can’t wait to see where they take this franchise next!

Zodiac: Certainly a very different film to the one above, but very very intriguing. Based on the trust story of the Zodiac killer from the 60’s/70’s, the film successfully engages the audience and maintains the suspense throughout the entire film, following the film’s 3 main protagonists played by: Robert Downey Jr, Jake Gyllenhaal and Mark Ruffalo. All three actors depict a convincing portrayal of the men who investigated and became obsessed with the case and you can genuinely empathise with all three of them. The only thing I would warn any future viewers is don’t expect too many answers, that was the only let down for me, having had no prior knowledge of the case.

This Is The End: In a word, HILARIOUS! I didn’t particularly pay attention to this film, thinking it would be another awful celebrities making fun of themselves but in a not funny way and I genuinely expected it to be terrible. Then on Facebook I began to see more and more people praising the film so I gave it a watch and I was really surprised at how good it was! The first half an hour should go down as one of the funniest sections in film history, Michael Cera being a key part of this scene. The whole premise of the end of the world film should feel old, but they somehow reinvigorate it and the mixture of stars are perfect, while it probably could have cut down on it’s running time, this film is definitely worth a watch!

That’s all for now 🙂 will be talking about Taxi Driver and either Monsters University or The World’s End next time!


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